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My Projects

Futuring Knowledge Institutions:  HvA 2030

February 2022 - June 2022. To find new effective ways for the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences to function as a knowledge institution in this transformed world, I, along with four other researchers from diverse backgrounds, was engaged in a 20-week project under the EdTech for Social Change track as part of the Digital Transformation Intensive Program in Digital Society School, Amsterdam.

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Exploring Rickshaw Drivers' Reluctance to Accept Digital Payment from Customers

August 2021 - December 2021. To explore an observation and assumption of mine about the reluctance of accepting digital payment by independent auto rickshaw drivers in India, I conducted a research study individually, as part of my course - Advanced Topics in Human Computer Interaction, - to understand the needs and pains of these rickshaw drivers when it came to their finances post the emergence of digital finance applications in India.  As a design solution, I redesigned two of the leading digital payment applications in India - Google Pay and PhonePe - incorporating the findings and results from the conducted qualitative study.

Suttam: Cleaning Horticulture Markets in Chennai, India

January 2021 - May 2021. To understand the roles of the stakeholders of horticulture markets towards managing the large amount of food and other waste generated, I, along with two of my peers, started a research study to understand the market environment, identify social complexities and use systems thinking methodologies to drafting design specifications for a social change. We designed an application called "Suttam" as a digital solution which we believe could help the cleaning process better and the entire environment cleaner.

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Re-designing Maps for Navigation and Tracking to Enhance User Experiences

January 2021 - May 2021. To put together critiques of different user experiences with maps - which have been well digitalized and much relied upon in the last decade or so. I did this along with three other peers as part of my course - Human Computer Interaction - during the second semester of my Master's. We looked at two broad purposes where maps are commonly used - Navigation to places and Tracking food deliveries.

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